Eradicate Emotional Eating!

I struggled with emotional eating and food cravings.

Pretty much every day.

It was horrible.

The unhealthy eating choices I made kept me stuck in this endless cycle of obsessively thinking about certain foods. It had control of my life.

I remember going out of my way to make sure I had whatever food I was craving in the moment, making special trips to the grocery store when I was getting low on something because it made me anxious just to think I might run out of it.

Or even worse, those trips to the store where I promised myself I was going to be good, not buy the pop, candy, cookies, chips, ice cream this time. This time would be different.

And as I’m checking out telling myself 100 different excuses as to why “It’s ok that I am stocking up again, I can control how much I eat once I have the food at home. I’m strong enough to do that.” (So why then would I hide food all over the house hoping I would forget where I’d hidden it?)

Then finding myself standing in the pantry at 11pm debating over whether I wanted something salty or something sweet… the devil on one should telling me, “Do it. You know you want it.” And at the exact same time the devil on the other shoulder telling me, “You’re such a loser, fatso, weakling. OMG I can’t believe you’re here again. You know you shouldn’t be eating before bed but guess what you’re too weak to say no. God, you disgust me!”

The angel never even had a chance!


This went on for years.

I was able to have moments where I was making better eating choices. Times when I would go on and follow diets to try to get rid of the excess weight these horrible eating habits caused.

Atkins and Keto were my go-tos…(of course I was still eating lots of fatty satisfying foods.)

But even that never stuck, never amounted to lasting change in my life. I’d lose weight but find myself right back in this cycle and feeling confused as to why I had no power over it and no idea how to overcome it.

It was frustrating, disheartening and honestly…

I thought I was powerless to change it!

So my philosophy became, instead of battling against it

I might as well just give in to it.

I could choose to struggle against the craving, torturing myself all day until my weakness got the better of me late at night…

OR instead… if I got a craving for fries at lunch I could just give in to it


I knew I would end up having them later anyway and if not the fries, an entire bag of chips, the whole thing of cookies, or anything else I could get my hands on.

If I gave in quick at least this way it would be off of my mind and I could focus on other things besides the food.



7 Craving Triggers Which Ones Do You Struggle With?


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Then one day while listening to a training video I was hit by inspiration…

I could use Tapping to help others overcome food cravings and emotional eating!

(Just a side note here… notice the word othersI didn’t even think it applied to me I was so blinded in my own eating patterns! Hmmm….)

I was sure that Tapping would be able to offer people lasting change in their eating habits. 

I became really excited and dove in to learning everything I could on the subject!

Tapping works! Tapping has a lasting effect on changing people's eating behaviors and patterns!

I know it sounds too good to be true. After all, I have been taught all my life that if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

I was skeptical too. Years ago when I was first introduced to tapping I wasn't convinced it would really work for me, but all that changed when I became a certified tapping coach and saw more improvement in my life in 6 months than I had in 6 years of devoted self-improvement work.


But the research was there... LOTS of it! In particular Peta Stapleton has done years of clinical research proving the efficacy of Tapping to overcome food cravings and emotional eating. I was on the right path!

I am trained and certified in EFT, a highly effective, clinically proven tool that helps people cure PTSD and eliminate life-long phobias. I was using it for other areas of my life and was seeing massive changes there… so of course I was excited to try it for this too! I was sure it would have the same incredible impact on emotional eating as well.

I started getting ideas, impulses, inspirations to follow this path which led me to create 2 amazing programs

Crush Your Cravings and Eradicate Emotional Eating.


Even though I know and trust the efficacy of this tool I was surprised by how quickly I was actually seeing real transformation in my thoughts, feelings and desires for foods.

As I was creating my program for “others” I was rapidly seeing marked improvements in my own eating habits!

Like going 5 days without a diet coke before I realized I hadn’t had a diet coke in 5 days, hadn’t even thought about diet coke!

When prior to creating this I would become seriously anxious if I didn’t have a back-up 6 pack in the closet. 

Amazing results!


I’d seen amazing changes in my life from tapping but this was almost unbelievable. The first time I used the specific techniques created to help clear food cravings I started out with actually a good bit of skepticism in me, which in itself actually surprised me.

Thinking I’d see some improvement, maybe even be able to not eat the food in the moment but would come back for it later I gave the process a try.

Even the craver in me wasn’t as sure of this process as my professional persona was about the efficacy of this tool. I mean she didn’t understand how strong these cravings were…


Well, let me tell you…

It blew me away!

That first time I tapped for caramel corn. I had a bowl of it in front of me. And when the process says take a tiny nibble I did… but I wanted to devour the whole bowl. (Something I would normally do. And then go back for more.) By the end of the process I was able to pick the bowl up and set it aside without even wanting another kernel of the delicious caramel corn.

Later I took the bowl to the kitchen and left the food out in plain site to see how long the effect would last.

Two days later when the food looked absolutely disgusting to me I threw it away. The unfinished bag is still in my pantry today… probably stale and stuck together in one big lump.



7 Craving Triggers Which Ones Do You Struggle With?


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I was so impressed with the first try I decided to try a 2nd food I craved, cinnamon rolls.

I had made some for Sunday brunch and still had some leftovers in the kitchen. I had the same astonishing results with the cinnamon rolls as I had had with the caramel corn. I just ate the 2 nibbles as part of the process and was able to put the rest of the roll back in the kitchen to eat for my breakfast the next day.

But guess what… I didn’t want it!

What sounded really good to me for breakfast was a bowl of oatmeal.

How was that even possible?!?

I cannot tell you how excited I was to discover for myself how incredibly powerful and lasting these processes are.


And these were just my very first attempts at using these processes.

 I lost 13 pounds in 10 months after I started tapping without even trying to lose weight. I even lost weight during the pandemic.

Since I became laser focused in on clearing my emotional eating patterns things have really taken off! And I know you will have incredible results as well!


It is my goal to help as many people as possible stop the internal tug-of-war, turn off the negative self-talk and remove the hidden blocks that are holding them prisoner in the endless cycle of emotional eating so that they can be proud of their eating habits, be free to eat the foods they love by conscious choice and take back control of their life.

I invite you to join me for one of my upcoming Craving Crusher Masterclasses.

In this live training you will learn the important distinction between hunger and cravings and we’ll do a deep dive into what triggers our cravings. You will learn which of the 8 Hidden Emotional Blocks you might have that are creating your eating patterns. And I will take you through the same exact process I did to Crush your Craving!

It's 90 minutes you definitely won't want to miss! 


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I loved coaching with Lisa. She is very talented and gifted as a coach. We were able to uncover some old wounds that I have been carrying most of my life, release them and I was able to move into a more self-confidence and inner belief in myself. She helped me transform my life. I would recommend her to everyone. Whoever works with her is very fortunate.

Sharon, MI



It’s been amazing working with Lisa. She’s so gentle and sensitive to nuances of every issue. Her level of intuition guided me to places I didn’t even know I needed to go to. Coaching with Lisa has created some big shifts in my confidence and in taking action towards my goals. I have grown so much and she’s been an absolute treasure to work with.

Cate, SA



Lisa is a warm and caring coach who will challenge you to see and let go of behaviors and thought patterns that are getting in the way of your dreams, especially around building a healthy relationship with food.

Clare, IN


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