Meet Lisa


Just like you, I struggled with emotional eating.

Hi, my name is Lisa Boinais. I have been there. I’ve had the same experiences as you, 100s of them.

I know that when your craving of choice starts calling your name you feel almost powerless to shut it up and overcome it until finally you CAVE giving it exactly what it’s been clamoring for.

It’s that Crave-Cave-Criticize loop.


I struggled to change my eating patterns and behaviors most of my adult life. I’ve done diets and cleanses, I’ve tried pills and read books, I’ve followed eating styles and been rigid with myself…

Sometimes I would succeed, but the old patterns and behaviors would inevitably return, and the weight would creep back on.

I know my story sounds like so many of you out there.

Until I found the tools to help me overcome my emotional eating. Now it is my mission to empower others to Crush Cravings and Eradicate Emotional Eating.


You can do all the dieting and exercise you want, but until you uncover and clear the emotional blocks that are keeping you stuck, you won’t see the life-long lasting changes you desire.

I have studied and learned from the country’s premier emotional eating and EFT experts to create a program to get to the root of these eating behaviors.

I deeply believe that I am here to do more, to uplift and empower others to improve their lives and their health, and to better the world.

I know what it’s like to struggle with emotional eating and the pain and punishment we inflict on ourselves when we succumb to the Craving and I want to empower you to change that.

Join me and together, let’s change your life.

Because everyone deserves to be their own best cheerleader.



Lisa brings the same passion and enthusiasm she used to rebuild her own life to her coaching for others. A sought-after speaker sharing her path from feeling stuck, confused and unfulfilled to empowering others to Live their Outrageous Lives, Lisa has presented from DC to Portland OR and has also been featured in several radio shows and online events.

Outside of her passion for coaching, Lisa has 4 amazing adult children who are her pride and joy. She loves art and being creative. Lisa likes to knit and creates knit blanket to give to children's hospitals or local firehouses for those who have recently lost their homes. She also loves outdoor activities and goes walking with her dog, Ivy, every day regardless of the weather. 






What People Are Saying

"I had the pleasure of working with Lisa. It was worth every cent! I had so many realizations, aha moments and healing moments that have changed my outer world for the better. Lisa is an excellent guide, has great compassion and kindness and is very skilled and professional."

 Catherine, MI


"I strongly recommend Lisa. She is an amazing coach. She will believe in you when you are struggling to believe in yourself and guide you through your shadow sides in a gentle loving way creating a safe space that allows you to uncover and heal all the gunk that has been holding you back from getting the results you want in life. I would do any program she offers."

Jewell, TX


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